Here I am four full weeks into self employment. Some musings so far:

  1. I’m (more or less) alone riding the highs and lows. When I have successes or break throughs, I can only celebrate and congratulate myself. When I am rejected and dejected, again I’m alone. I have a lot of people in the bleachers cheering for me, but I’m the only one on the court.

  2. It’s not so lonely. I love and need people. And I was really, really concerned about going from the most social job in the universe— either in the field living in a group of humans 24 hours a day or in the office where I worked with all of my friends and then spent after work hours— to running my own show. So far, I’ve loved seeking out social time instead of being overwhelmed by it. I’m so lucky to live in a community with people I love surrounding me. I’m remembering that I create my world— if I want it to be full of wonderful people, it will be.

  3. Dealing with 9238 checks is annoying. Introducing SQUARE . I was on the fence about spending the $49.95, but after trying to keep track of checks for the past month, it’s worth it.

  4. High schoolers are so sweet (one on one). I am loving getting to know juniors in my town. It feels like the perfect change of pace from the NOLS course—I really enjoy still being connected to students, while simultaneously sleeping in my own bed, eating vegetables, and exercising.

  5. ACT tutoring’s not so different from a NOLS course. I never would have guessed this one. It’s my job to create opportunities for people— teach skills, guide them through the appropriate progression for them, assign homework. But more than anything, I think it’s my job to see the good in them and build it up. If someone does the work, is confident in who they are, and believes in themself, they’ll do well on this silly test.